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How will you get my information for my resume?


You can send us your information multiple ways via email, fax, scan, direct mail, etc. If you have an old resume we do ask to review and critique the resume before getting started. If you do not have an old resume, we will schedule a detailed phone interview with you to collect the necessary information. You do not need to have a resume to get started.



How does the process work?


We clarify and reinforce your unique value proposition through written exercises and one-on-one conversations with your writer. We spend 1-2 days working on the first draft with you and in constant communication with you the entire time discussing career accomplishments, job responsibilities and highlights to include in your resume. Next, we will review this information together, followed by finalizing the documents.  Your writer will create, edit and review your resume, and write your cover letter.



Can I talk to my resume writer?


Yes, of course. You will be in constant communication with 1 assigned resume writer and will have a direct line to that person. We strive to keep open lines of communication between our resume writers and our clients.



How long will the process take?


For our standard purchase services, we will complete the entire package in 1 week for you. Considering the process is collaborative between our professional resume writer and the client, a timeline may not be firm. Completion is contingent upon feedback and communication from the client’s terms of needed information.

If you have a shorter deadline, please let us know. We promise to do everything we can to meet your deadline.



What payment options do you accept?


We accept all major credit cards as well as PayPal. If you have another method of payment, please let us know. 



How will I receive my documents?


You will obtain your final documents in two formats: Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF



How do I know I will be receiving a good resume?


Professional Resumes maintains a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Moreover, be sure to do your research, this is an important decision for your future. We are confident in our abilities and knowledge and very proud the resumes we create are modern and unique compared to our competition.

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